Docker iPhone App: The Best iPhone Dock Cydia Tweak

Docker Cydia tweak creates another additional row of icons and allows user to add up to 4 more apps to the dock.

Many users wanna something new and Docker tweak is the perfect that is new and full of useful features. Yesterday, I was testing couple of new tweaks from Cydia AppStore and Docker was one of them which I like most and decided to show of with you all.

Docker adds four more app icons to the dock which default dock doesn’t have. This is the key feature why users love Docker Cydia tweak. Simply, this iPhone app is for them who wanna more icons to the dock with default view.

To make a simple and innovative style, Apple allows users to add only four icons to the dock which is enough in normal cases, but there are few users like me who wanna more app icons to the dock, this can be done using Docker iPhone Cydia tweak.

The default view shows only four icons which is default one and once you swipe up on those four icons, another four app icons would be appear. Isn’t it cool? It means, the second row of icons would be hidden and would be appear only when you swipe up.

Once you installed Docker tweak, it would add another new row that would have + button to add maximum four more app icons to the dock. Just tap on that button and you’d be asked to choose apps from your springboard. Suppose, there is already there an app icon which you wanna remove, just tap and hold and the Jingle would be appear to remove that icon from additional row of Docker.

This tweak comes with setting page where you can enable or disable Docker Cydia tweak quickly. Just go to Settings app and tap on Docker setting pane. You need to enable or disable to take effect.

I found many Cydia tweaks that add fifth icon or few more app icons to the dock. Springtomize Cydia tweak also adds couple of icons to the dock, but, Docker is something different and cool jailbreak app. It’s like must have iPhone app.

Now, if you’ve decided to check it out, you need to purchase it from BigBoss repo. The purchase part is very easy, but you’d required to pay $1.99 for new customers. I’m sure you won’t uninstall once you use it.

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