iOS 11.1.2 Cydia Tweaks, Jailbreak Apps List for iPhone, iPad – Compatible

The List of all compatible list of Cydia Apps, Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone, iPad running on iOS 11.1.2…

You may have aware of PanGu iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak which is released in English too. Now, Mac and Linux are also supported to use this software for your iPad or iPhone. Many of us have jailbroken our iPhone already and few of us have thought to get the best Cydia tweaks out of it.

As you may have jailbroken iOS 11.1.2, it’s time to have your best jailbreak apps on your fingerprint. No problem, we’d show you some top tweaks which are compatible with your current semi-untethered jailbreak.

Here we’ve listed some top Cydia apps which are compatible or not compatible so that you can get most out of your jailbreak device in the first place so get ready.

The tweaks and apps that work on iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak

Below are the tweaks and short description for that that supports iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak apps…

  • Alkaline: Alkaline iOS 11.1.2 brings opportunity to modify status bar of your iPhone after installing and activating this tweak. You won’t need to download Winterboard iOS 11.1.2 in order to get any theme from Alkaline. You can install and activate Alkaline Cydia tweak in order to change your iPhone status bar theme.
  • Barrel iOS 11.1.2: You are already aware of Barrel Cydia tweak which is supported by the current iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak. This tweak brings some cool style of page changing options. You can enjoy Android class page scrolling if you’ve install Barrel tweak. Note that Barrel is in top Cydia tweaks.
  • BioProtect iOS 11.1.2: This was the jailbreak app that I installed first when I jailbroken my iPhone a week ago. Believe me, if you’ve 64-bit device that have touch ID, BioProtect Cydia tweak is best for you. I’d consider it in best Cydia apps for ever specially for the device that have Touch ID, because it brings Touch ID features and dedicated to Touch ID Cydia tweak.
  • Bytafont iOS 11.1.2: Wow, if you’re one of the frequent users of fonts, then BytaFont is for you. BytaFont iOS 11.1.2 brings support to change your system wide font which is not allowed by Apple any way. If you’d get this jailbreak App on your device, you can change and use any font out of your iPhone. BytaFont iOS 11.1.2 is in supported list of tweaks that have Cydia.
  • iFile: Again, iFile iOS 11.1.2 got early access to the supported jailbreak apps iOS 11.1.2. I’d recommend to install iFile Cydia tweak in the first place because it offers bunch of value able features for your jailbroken iPhone. You can edit and change system files which is needed for your jb device for many reasons. Also, iFile is one of the best Cydia apps for ever.
  • Activator iOS 11.1.2: Fortunately, this tweak has finally opened the door of iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak device. Yeah, now Activator iOS 11.1.2 is also available in the list of best apps because it supports and updated with the new features dedicated to PanGu semi-tethered device. I’m one of the top fan of PanGu jailbreak apps and Activator is one of them.
  • Springtomize iOS 11.1.2: Yo yo. I installed Springtomize to test if it works or not four days ago and it was not working. Then, I waited few days and bingo, developers have updated Springtomize iOS 11.1.2 for Cydia apps and now it works just fine. You can not expect any new features right now, but it comes with set of features which you’re getting from Springtomize 3 and the new version may not called as Springtomize 4 or for iOS 11.1.2 right now. Anyway, Springtomize iOS 11.1.2 still the best Cydia tweak.
  • F.lux iOS 11.1.2: There are many even large amount of users who jailbreak their iOS 11.1.2 device just because they can get Flux iOS 11.1.2 on their device specially older devices such as iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, but unfortunately the can’t get F.lux iOS 11.1.2 this time too because PanGu jailbreak is not for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Anyway, Flux Cydia tweak can be installed the device that have iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak so that if some way you can’t use built in Night mode, you can install Flux iOS 11.1.2 on your device.
  • Forcy iOS 11.1.2: Forcy is one of the best Cydia tweaks which is now supported iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak too. I’m really very happy that this tweak came back again for iPhone. Forcy iOS 11.1.2 brings some features that your iPhone doesn’t have without jbreak.
  • Lucky Patcher iOS 11.1.2: If you like free in app purchases, you can head to the Cydia sources where you can find Lucky Patcher iOS 11.1.2 Cydia tweak. This is one of the top Cydia apps for in app purchases free tweak.
  • TetherMe iOS 11.1.2: TetherMe doesn’t need any info because it still in the Cydia tweaks which are awesome. Fortunately, TetherMe iOS 11.1.2 can be installed using PanGu jailbreak.

You can ask or confirm any of the jailbreak app that is supported or not via comment section. Thanks


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  1. Thanks man, BioProtect is really a game changer tweak. I would suggest to add iCleaner Pro to the list which is also most recommended tweak for all iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak users. I would suggest to add iFile iOS 11.1.2 here also.
    Thanks for adding valuable Cydia tweaks

  2. VirtualHome iOS 11.1.2 works fine. I’ve tested Virtual Home iOS 11.1.2 on my jailbroken device and it works like charm. To add some info about this jailbreak app, I’m gonna tell you that this tweak has no rival for Virtual Home button Cydia tweak. You can surely install this Cydia tweak.

    PDANet iOS 11.1.2 also working. Just fine to use it so get it after PanGu.

    Flex iOS 11.1.2 also got updated to offer you solutions creating best combination of tweaks out of your device.

    AdBlocker iOS 11.1.2 released with the option to block certain ads from your device. You can even disable ads from your Cydia installer too. So, install this jailbreak app for sure.

    Winterboard iOS 11.1.2 is truly the Cydia app that you want to add on your iPhone to use bunch of cool themes available only for jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 device.

    AppSync, CCSettings, CallBar iOS 11.1.2, Weatherboard iOS 11.1.2 and iAP Cracker are also supported. You can confirm more tweaks and Jailbreak apps here in the list of top Cydia apps.

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