CCMore Cydia Tweak Adds More Features to iPhone Control Center

CCMore iPhone jailbreak app powers Control Center with more features

I demonstrate couple those tweaks which I love most. CCMore is the Cydia tweak that I use and I recommend my readers with love. CCMore Cydia tweak is something that you can show to your friends that you have something new and unique.

CCMore iPhone tweak was released yesterday on Cydia app store that powers up your control center with more features. It allows users to add up to five predefined apps to control center. It includes Timer, Notes, Camera, Calculator and Last used app.

CCmore app is built with the unique idea of quick launch with control center. CCMore jailbreak app is a great example of how you can use your control center effectively. It integrates couple of useful features.

CCMore is a easy way to access quick launch apps with just a swipe. You can add fifth icon to the control center at the bottom or you can configure your most used quick launch app as default control center such as calculator or camera or just notes.

You can swipe up to active control center and at the same time swipe left to open any of the quick launch app within control center such as calculator without open up a new app to the whole screen. It means you can use calculator within control center using CCMore tweak easily.

Users just need to swipe up as a regular practice to open up control center and swipe left one by one to access any of quick launch apps such as Timer, Notes, Camera and Calculator. You can rearrange those quick launch programs for your convenient by tap and holding them and move right or left.

I’ve mentioned above, but not noted that you can add “Notes” app to the quick launch by configuring settings of CCMore app. The Notes app would be appear as a fifth icon of quick launch which can be access by swipe left to the quick launch icons. Normally, it would be hidden.

Once you installed CCMore Cydia tweak, You’d notice CCMore settings as a new setting pane in the settings. It comes with bunch of settings which contains enable or disable. Quick launch apps settings, setting for fifth icon and configuring the most used quick launch app as default control center. You can switch toggles to enable or disable any feature withing CCmore tweak. As a default control center app has been configured as Home which can be configured within settings.

So, I hope I’ve covered all the areas of CCMore app. Yeah, I forgot about installation. As CCMore is jailbreak app, you need to download and install it from Cydia AppStore. It’s available on AppStore for $1.99. Interested users can purchase CCMore from BigBoss repo source. It comes with life time updates of course.

One more thing, don’t forget to leave your comment about CCMore as comment doesn’t require you to register any account. You just use guest post to leave your comments for CCMore Cydia tweak.


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  1. I just purchased this app and nothing has change in my CC after multiple enable/disable and respring attempts. Are there any other tweaks that interfere with the functionality of CCmore? Any comments are greatly appreciated!

    1. Which iOS do you have? I’ve tried CCMore and it works like a charm on iOS 10.2, I’m sorry that I’m replying you after couple of months, but please reply so that I can help you about this tweak if i can

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