CCLoader iOS 10.2 Brings Complete Customize Control Center for iPhone, iPad

CCLoader iOS 10.2 Brings Complete Customize Control Center for iPhone, iPad

There are many CC Cydia tweaks in app store such as CCDock, CCScale, CCSettings, CCBackground, CCQuick Pro, CCFix, CCShuffle and CCNowPlaying.

Today, a new Cydia tweak known as CCLoader joined the group of CCTweaks on Cydia App Store. CCLoader is developed by Jonas Gessner who is popular jailbreak tweak creator.

CCLoader is hosted on BigBoss repository that hosted as free Cydia tweak. You can test it any time to customize your control center.

If you don’t like default control center options, this is the good time to try CCLoader on your iPhone or iPad to customize your control center settings and appearance.

It comes with couple of features such as hiding separators, adding features to Control center and rearranging items on the pane etc.

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CCLoader Alternatives: CCDock, CCSettingsCCQuick Pro

Once CCLoader loads on your iPhone, you can head to and start customizing control center items.

CCLoader Cydia tweak is open source that is available on Github. The interested developers can also test the open source project from the given link.

For screenshot and settings info, you need either install or head to BigBoss repo source where it is hosted. If you’ve anything to ask, leave your comments…


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  1. There are bunch of Cydia tweaks available for control center such as CCSettings, CCControls and CCQuick Pro. Why we install CCloader a useless tweak.

  2. How is about CCDock? Does it give me five icon dock?

    1. I usually love these posts but this is just a hot mess. You sh12ldn&#8uo7;t have to put up with that. You handled it like a professional. Can’t wait till you start your new job. Sounds like things will be so much better.Veronica recently posted..

  3. I think CCLoader is useless tweak. Tell me why I install two or more tweaks only for control center? There are a lot of control center tweaks such as CCSettings, CCQuick Pro, CCHide, CCControls and much more
    Above listed cydia tweaks are specially designed for control center, just choose right tweak instead of bunch of all tweaks
    This is my genuine advice

    1. ccloader is free cydia tweak. Are CCControlls, CCSettings and CChide are free?

    2. Why is this okay to report false news?? The internet: Facebook, Twitter, etc. is swirling with your false facts. You’re being up all night does not negate your reiibnsposlity for accountability in journalism. Hopefully, your followers now realize that you are not a credible source.

  4. CCLoader is just another Cydia tweak similarly CCControls and CCSettings. I don’t find anything special. Even CCControls and CCSettings are better than CCLoader.

    1. The Absent GaCn;#8230&moncereing me and my husband we have owned additional MP3 gamers through the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (traditional & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few ages I’ve settled down to one line of players….

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