Bridge iOS 10.2: Now Import Songs, Videos Media to iTunes Using Cydia Tweak

Bridge iOS 10.2: Now Import Songs, Videos Media to iTunes Using Cydia Tweak

We have some good news for the users who were depended on Bridge Cydia tweak to import music to iTunes library. Ultimately, a new improved way is available to transfer music to iTunes from iPhone and iPad.

Jonas Gessner, a popular jailbreak apps developer, has released 4rth update to Bridge iOS 10.2 this month with a lot of bugs addressed and improved version of this tweak is available on BigBoss repo for $1.99

Bridge comes with numerous features on the table that brings a easy way to transfer iPhone music to iTunes. The tweak is so powerful that the songs and videos that have been imported would show up instantly in iTunes library and Music or Video apps.

Bridge iOS 10.2 Cydia tweak can locate any music or video files from your iPhone and iPad that has been stored. Even Email attachment also can be transferred from iPad or iPhone to iTunes library.

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However, if you wanna use these imported music songs on your computer or Mac iTunes app, then you would be disappointed because iTunes doesn’t have an option to sync your iPhone iTunes library with Mac or Computer iTunes library, so, keep it in your mind.

Detailed features have been listed below…

  • Bridge can import any song or video that have been stored on your iPhone or iPad.
  • You have more than one song or video? Bridge Cydia tweak can import all your music videos at once.
  • Did you get music from WhatsAPP and wanna transfer to iTunes library? You can.
  • User can edit title, name and album and cover image with your own.

Bridge can only be used with WiFi connection, without internet access it won’t work.


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  1. That should definitely be a given, Andy. Also, if yo;8u&217#re a member of those community sites (i.e. MyBlogLog, Bumpzee, etc.) that use cute little avatars to mark your travels over the internet, it’s more than imperative that you clear your cookies before you go cruising the ‘net and commenting with your anonoblog identity. ~ Teli

  2. I don’t like at all because it works only when connected to wifi.
    What I need is a tweak which can put mp3 files into the stock music app of my iphone.

  3. I am not able to use bridge
    I am on ios 10.2
    The app crashes as soon as i try to open it
    Please help

  4. I had it installed a few days ago but then I took it off and did a restore on iphone5s. Now bridge giving me a buffing in error

    Same thing with KODI. THis jailbreak us going to take time I guess

    Anyone else having issues. I have 8 gb free

  5. Bridge still not working!

  6. I’m having an issue with ios 10.2 and bridge, when I try to import a song, always says error downloading the song, I’m connected to WiFi

    1. Same here! conected to wifi, installed appsync unifiedbut getting the same error.

    2. Do you’ve installed appsync unified 5.5 Cydia tweak?
      I’d same problem and got fixed after installing appsync with bridge

      1. I just installed appsync unified and still getting the same error 🙁

  7. How to transfer songs via iPhone to iTunes without computer using Bridge Cydia tweak?

  8. I tried to import photos but it doesn’t search any pictures or photos! How to transfer photos to iTunes using Bridge? please give me a favor and help me

  9. I got it free from HackyouriPhone repository
    thanks for update

    1. It’s a relief to find soemone who can explain things so well

  10. Bridge is wonderful cydia tweak and i noticed that its full of features that work to transfer and import music from iPhone to iTunes library. However, i found a bug. When i import a song on iTunes library, my music app shows two songs instead of imported music and only one song can be played while other one can’t be played.
    Additionally, I can’t delete that other song from the library itself.
    Now, how to fix this?

    1. How to get Bridge iOS 10.2 for free
      I’ve iOS 10.2 jailbreak iPhone

  11. Bridge does NOT work on ios9 (10.2) as the text above suggested! and there’s no updated version for Bridge on Bigboss repository. at least I couldn’t find it! Although it works very well on ios 8.4.

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