Top 5 Best InstallOus Alternatives to Download Cracked Apps – Hackul0us Repo Source

Top 5 Best InstallOus Alternatives to Download Cracked Apps – Hackul0us Repo Source

Just couple of days ago, we’d reviewed SinFul iPhone repo which is the close alternative to Hackulous repo. InSanelyi repo source is also considerable repository for Hackul0us alternative. Today, we’re gonna list up the best InstallOus alternatives.

Still there are couple of Install0us alternatives which offers some great cracked apps or game hacks. But, before proceeding to those alternatives, make sure that your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken. Without jailbroken device, you can’t add any repository or install any iPA files on your iOS device.

AppAddict: This is one of the strong alternative to InstallOus. We’ve tested this repo using LinkStore Cydia tweak that search cracked apps from iPhoneCake, AppAddict and AppVV repo source. The large numbers of apps coming from AppAddict repo source. AppAddict iOS 10.2 is available on the Cydia store.

AppCake: This is second most used jailbreak app as alternative to InstallOus. LinkStore and AppShape give reference for AppCake and AppAddict apps. So, if you’re looking cracked apps or InstallOus alternatives, you should go for iPhoneCake which is the repo source for AppCake. Add iPhoneCake repo and download AppCake jailbreak app.

HipStore: Do you’ve use InstallOus app store? HipStore app store is just a clone of that. After jailbreaking, you can download HipStore English version app from Cydia store which is available completely free.

vShare: AppVV’s app, vShare is one of the best Install0us alternative for all iDevices. Just jailbreak your iPhone or iPad and add AppVV repo source to your Cydia and search for vShare. There is an alternative way available. Head to Safari browser and go to, the website asked you to install vShare app. Install it.

Suppose, you don’t have jailbroken device, you can install MovieBox type apps using vShare without jailbreak. So, vShare is the alternative of InstallOus which works even without jailbreak.

25PP: The Chinese developer team has created 25PP app store. This is the same developer who have created PP Jailbreak for Mac OS X. They had created another popular app which is known as PPSync. You can download and install countless apps from 25PP iPhone app.

Other alternatives: Kuaiyong, Zeusmos, iPA Installer, iPA Search Console, iFunBox, iTools, SynciOS and Moborobo.


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  1. Christian Mancilla

    Install PandaApp, it has a lot of cracked apps.

  2. I’ve tried linkstore and appshape. Both tweaks fetches cracked apps from appaddict and appcake. other remaning apps were from appvv source. it looks like only these repos have cracked apps for iPhone or iPad.
    If you need best installous rival, you can install these installous alterantives

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