The Best 25 Must Install Jailbreak Apps, Tweaks for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini to iOS 10.2

The Best 25 Must Install Jailbreak Apps, Tweaks for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini to iOS 10.2

After jailbreaking, install these top 25 must have Cydia tweaks and apps which are developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which would available for iOS 10.2.

Once you have jailbroken your iOS 10.2 iPhone or iPad, you’ve countless possibility of getting world class top tweaks that extend functionality and features of your iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone or iPad.

These apps and tweaks are specially collected which are must have install for your iOS device. I would say, if you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad, you should at least check the details of these apps which can seriously improve your experience of iPhone or iPad.

1. CyDelete: I would recommend to install CyDelete Cydia tweak in the first place. It would allows you to remove or uninstall unnecessary tweaks from your iPhone or iPad.

2. Barrel: This is awesome jailbreak app that allows user to customize pages scrolling and gives it a beautiful effects. Barrel is paid tweak.


Cylinder: This is free alternative to Barrel. Cylinder offers the same effects which you’re getting from Barrel for free.

4. IntelliScreenX: Whenever you jailbreak iOS 10.2 on your iPhone or iPad, install IntelliScreenX first. This is exclusive Cydia hack that customizes notification center, lock screen and a special drop down menu with most used apps or tweaks.

5. Springtomize 4: This could be a great deal for you. It includes features for more than 15 separate tweaks. If you would install Springtomize, no need to install those 15 tweaks to get same features.

6. BiteSMS iOS 10.2: This is must have Cydia tweak for those who loves iMessage or messaging. It provides ultimate messaging solution.

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7. AirBlue Sharing iOS 10.2: If you use Bluetooth for transferring your files to any Android device, you can use AirBlue sharing Cydia tweak.

8. Stratos Cydia tweak: It adds app switching to the control center. Just activate control center to access app switching. Really a useful Cydia tweak.

9. PwnTunes or LinkTunes: These Cydia hacks are developed to get free songs, videos or any other files from iTunes for free. PwnTunes iOS 10.2 is on beta stage now, but one can install LinkTunes for sure.

10.2. Bridge: Do you wanna transfer songs or videos from your iPhone to iTunes or iPod to iTunes? You can use Bridge jailbreak tweak which can transfer all your files without computer.

Below are other useful tweaks for iOS 10.2…

  1. vShare
  2. AppCake
  3. Kuaiyong
  4. 25PP
  5. AppAddict
  6. LinkStore
  7. AppShape
  8. iAP Cracker
  9. HipStore
  10. iAPFree
  11. Zeusmos
  12. iAPCrazy
  13. LocaliAPStore
  14. iFunBox
  15. iTongPush

It would be really interesting to see your favorite Cydia tweaks or apps that you’re planning to install on iOS 10.2 for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini or iPad Air…


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  1. You can count polus iOS 10.2, iFile iOS 10.2 and CCControls
    I haven’t tried CCSettings and CCQuick Pro, so I can’t recommend them

  2. My favorite tweaks are Disable Parallax effects, HiddenSettings8 or HiddenSettings iOS 10.2, FlipControlCenter
    HiddenSettings and Disable Parallax Effects are my favorite cydia apps

    1. You should check out iCoughtU, LockDown Pro iOS 10.2 and iFile iOS 10.2
      How can i forget iCleaner Cydia tweak

      1. Apex iOS 10.2
        Auxo iOS 10.2
        FlipSwitch iOS 10.2
        Poof iOS 10.2

        1. Stratos is better than Auxo iOS 10.2. Both are the same features, but stratos is cheap and works better

  3. I would jailbreak iOS 10.2 for below Cydia apps…
    1. 3G unrestrictor iOS 10.2
    2. AirBlue Sharing
    3. Activator Gestures
    4. BytaFont
    5. Bigify
    8. BioProtect
    9. CCHide
    1. Springtomize iOS 10.2
    11. BiteSMS or iRealSMS

    1. I’d prefer BiteSMS, Springtomize, BytaFont iOS 10.2, 3G Unrestrictor, BioProtect Cydia tweak on iPhone 6 Plus

  4. Dear friend, you’ve missed couple top jailbreak apps such as CCSettings, CCBackgrounds, SBSettings, Emoji, ProTube, InTube, Safari Downloader Free, Safari upload enabler, Status modifier, iFile, Dashboard X and Zephyr

    1. Emma you also made a mistake, the author has added Springtomize and IntelliScreenX which offer the combination of many best cydia tweaks. You don’t need to install…
      Status Modifier, Dashboard X, Zephyr, CCBackground, CCSettings and manu such apps like Barrel, Cylinder, CCQuick Pro, CCControls.
      I hope you’re getting my tone.

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