BattSaver Cydia Tweak: Increase iPhone Battery Life

BattSaver, the Cydia tweak that can boost iPhone battery life…

This article is gonna very interesting if you’re facing battery performance issues and if you really wanna improve your battery time on your iPhone or iPad.

So today, I’m gonna show you a very useful jailbreak tweak which is known as BattSaver. It’s available on Cydia for iPhone and iPad after jailbreak and it’s completely free tool to seriously increase battery life.

I found that users getting almost 2 to 3 days of battery life if you run BattSaver Cydia app on your iPhone and follow some simple instructions given on the app.

You can listen music, play games, run WiFi and browse internet and at the same time you may get two of three days of battery life on your iPhone after installing and following tips by BattSaver jailbreak tweak.

This is the best battery tweak specially when Low Power Mode and Night Shift Mode are not helping you saving battery life.

BattSave is a popular Cydia tweak which was available for iOS 9 jailbreak also, and the recent update came to Cydia installer which can be installed right now for iPhone and you’d notice instant battery boost.

BattSaver is paid and you can purchase from BigBoss repo, but if you wanna try it before purchase, you can use HackYOuriPhone repo and it would allow you to install BattSaver free version for life. There you can install compatible for your current firmware and once you like you can purchase or use it as it is.

BattSave uses a simple trick that it would notify you about any misuse on your iPhone. Suppose, you’re not using any app that consumes huge amount of battery then BattSave tweak would warn you to take action about that iPhone app with stats.

Furthermore, if you’re not using WiFi and if still it’s on, then you may get notified about WiFi to turn it off. Plus, BattSaver would enable or Disable Power Saver Mode based on your time and choice.

This is how you can easily lasts up to two or three days at least. I personally getting 2 and half days with moderate usage. Same way, you can also increase iPhone battery life using BattSaver battery tweak.

I’m sure you’re confuse about installing BattSaver, you can ask anything about it if you’ve any doubt…

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