Barrel iOS 11.1.2: Add iCon Effects on Page Scrolling at HomeScreen Works for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone

Barrel iOS 11.1.2: Add iCon Effects on Page Scrolling at HomeScreen Works for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone…

Couple of days ago, we had covered an article on Cydia tweak called Cylinder iOS 11.1.2 that brings completely new way to scroll homescreen icon pages. Barrel iOS 11.1.2 comes with features more than Cylinder.

There are two tweaks on Cydia store for this purpose, Cylinder and Barrel. However, Barrel Cydia tweak has more features and better graphic effects than Cylinder.

The difference is, Barrel costs $2.99 where as Cylinder is completely free. I personally recommend Barrel iOS 11.1.2 as it has better control. But, if you’re looking free tweak, Cylinder is available for you.

Once you installed Barrel, you’re ready to make your iPhone or iPad page scrolling awesome. It comes with around 30 different effects to choose from. You have completely control over these effects. You can anytime disable or enable Barrel Cydia tweak effects.
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I love Cube page scrolling effect, however, you can create you own effect too for your own iPhone or iPad. The settings are added in stock You can anytime change these effects without restart your iDevice.

BigBoss is default repository available on Cydia store, you don’t need to add it manually. Just search “Barrel iOS 11.1.2″ and install it. You need to restart your iPhone or iPad for the first time when you installed it.


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  1. I would recommend Cylinder rather than Barrel. Barrel iOS 11.1.2 is paid tweak which has similar features as Cylinder then why we spend our valuable money?

    Cylinder allows us to create our own animations whereas Barrel doesn’t offer such features.

    So, do you still think that Barrel is best? Give me the reasons to think about it.

    1. Barrel iPhone tweak is so popular and it brings 3D style graphic on icon pages.. You can’t find alternative to it easily. Simply look for Barrel cracked version. It might solve your problem

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