AutoResponder Cydia Tweak: Now SMS and iMessage Reply Become Easy

AutoResponder 3 Cydia Tweak: Now SMS and iMessage Reply Become Easy

A lot of time, I can’t reply all the text message quickly. And so, I got negative response from my fellow friends and relatives. I thought to try AutoResponder Cydia tweak and it changed my way of replying messages. Now, I became more friendly and engaging to the relatives. Thanks to AutoResponder tweak.

Do you also thought to reply automatically when you’re busy and got some SMS or iMessage messages? If yes, you should check out AutoResponder iPhone tweak that responds SMS and iMessage quickly without your intention.

Don’t know when it comes handy? Okay, suppose you’re busy in meetings, presentations or in any other work when you have to silent your iPhone during those events. Now suppose your friend or the guy who wanna deal with you, sends you a text via SMS or iMessage, you won’t able to reply them.

In such cases, AutoResponder jailbreak tweak comes in use. The tweak responds those message automatically and saves you for a while. The tweak comes with white list feature where you can add contracts or numbers of your choice to automatically respond.

Once AutoResponder 3 or any other new version installed on your device, the setting pane would be added to the Settings page. There are couple of settings related to AutoResponder for sending automatic responds. You can enable or disable the tweak. There is Do not disturb mode is given. You can disable your digital signature while sending automatic responds and couple of more controls.

If you’re not sure what to type in automatic respond, you can choose from wide range of default created templates or create your custom response as per your need. And, the very last section of settings page contains settings for White List. You can add contacts or numbers whom you wanted to reply automatic using AutoResponder.

Now, when you’re done. Next time, when you go to the meeting, just before it activate AutoResponder Cydia tweak from Settings page. You can assign Activator Gesture also to control activating or deactivating AutoResponder Cydia tweak quickly without heading to Settings page.

BigBoss repo is the one who has hosted AutoResponder 3 which can be installed after purchasing the tweak. It would cost you around $1.99. If you’re willing to purchase, make sure that Cydia installer has BigBoss repo source installed on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

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