AppiShare Pro: Download iPhone Paid Games for Free iOS 10.2

How to Download AppiShare iOS 10.2…

vShare Pro aka, both the apps are completely different with each other but somehow the developers of AppiShare has applied the title of their blog as vShare Pro rather than App i Share.

Is AppiShared is like vShared? Today, we’d discus all those questions and try to understand the benefits of AppiShare in wide definition.

Unlike other jailbreak apps, AppiShare works seamlessly without jailbreak. It doesn’t require jailbreaking or Cydia to get content from. And, they’ve their own certificate to sign various Cydia Apps to install without jailbreak.

Now, you’d have most probably one question, why we need AppiShare where there are countless similar jailbreak apps available that can be installed even without jailbreak? I’ve simple answer that most of those Cydia tweaks don’t work on recent firmware including vShare.

I’ve tested couple of AppiShare apps such as Minecraft, NBA 2k14 and many other which works like a charm. But, do you know one thing that AppVV had launched AppiShare because vShare not working.

Now when vShare has started to work properly, the developers have turned their focus from AppiShare to vShare Pro. So now, AppiShare not working from now.

They’ve posted clear message that they’d stop maintaining AppiShare from now. So, better to install native app rather than this one.

But wait, AppiShare can be fixed if it doesn’t work on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. I’ve heard that couple of iPad models and even iPhone get message that don’t install AppiShare because vShare crash.

I’d say stop adverts or anything related to it on your device. You’d noticed that you’ve get rid from AppiShare not working screen.

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  1. Michael Williams

    I think the developers of AppVV or vShare have hacked AppiShare website because I wasn’t getting any error till last month. I was surprised that the website stopped working suddenly now.

    There should be two possibility. VShared developers have created AppiShare for their own use till they fix their first app. And since now, they’ve fixed vShare crash, they’ve shut down AppiShare.

    But again, there is another chance that the whole activity done by hacker who just hacked AppiShare to gain traffic for vShare.

    Who cares!!!

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