AppCake iOS 10.2: The Best InstallOus Alternative to Install Apps, Games for iPhone, iPad

AppCake iOS 10.2: The Best InstallOus Alternative to Install Apps, Games for iPhone, iPad

After a great success of InstallOus, iPAStore, AppTrackr and AppulOus, jailbreakers always look for updated versions of these jailbreak apps on Cydia store and all over the web.

To fill the gap, I tried several alternatives to InstallOus such as AppCake, vShare and AppAddict. These were the top of the table. Each of these Install0us alternatives have active forum users and huge database of paid apps.

Specially, AppCake is the best alternative to Install0us. iPhoneCake.COM developed a jailbreak app for Cydia users to download and install cracked iPA files after a significant success of iPAStore.

Once iPhoneCake finished AppCake development, they stopped iPAStore for further update. AppCake is only a active and working jailbreak app store to get paid apps.

How to Install AppCake Repo and Cydia App?

If you have jailbroken iDevice, then its pretty simple to get AppCake on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Take a look on some must have requirements to install iPhoneCake app…
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  1. Don’t have jailbroken iDevice? Get your iPhone or iPad jailbroken using TaiG, PPJailbreak or PanGu. If you’re on iOS 10.2, use TaiG on Windows and PPJailbreak on Mac OS X.
  2. Most probably, TaiG and PPjailbreak both would install Cydia install that is must have tool to install jailbreak apps. Suppose, you lost Cydia installer, get deb file from Saurik’s website and install it.
  3. Once you have jailbroken and installed Cydia install AppSync. To install it, add following repo source…

    Add Repo:

  4. Install AppSync Unified iOS 10.2 tweak. Note. this is one of the most important jailbreak tweak for AppCake. If you wouldn’t install Unified version of AppSync, AppCake wouldn’t work.
  5. Add another repo source: and install AppCake on your iPad or iPhone.
  6. Restart your iDevice to make it ready.

Start installing tweaks from iPhoneCake, the see of all paid apps or try AppAddict, vShare or LinkStore


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  1. it gives me a error when i try to download unified help please

  2. Feeling great to see that AppCake iOS 10.2 still in the craze. Thanks to iPhoneCake website.

  3. I have to say that there are bunch of crapy things viral on the web like vShare. But, appcake was truly developed for jailbreak users and I was actually enjoy this app. I had many great game hacks using app cake, but iPhonecake has stopped maintaining this great app.

  4. ilove youuuuuuuu

    1. Why man, I think you don’t have girl friend to love! I just hate these guys. I can’t download Appcake and all those Jailbreak apps on iOS 10.2 and this is the biggest problem with me. I’m searching alternative ways for these apps.

      If you’ve found such ways, please help me.

  5. I have no jailbreak, so how could I install apps without buying them?? Appadict doesn’t work and I also have problems with vShare, cause many apps are not available

  6. I’ve tried some great installous alternatives specially vshare and appcake.
    I must say that iPhonecake has created wonderful application, but I’ve one report that this app doesn’t work without jailbreak like vshare and appaddict
    please make some correction and make it work

  7. Iphonecake are the developers of the app, but they can’t update the AppCake that can work without jailbreak
    I’m searching the app cake to make it work on iOS 10.2 without jailbreak

  8. I have tried many install0us alternatives, but appcake is such a wonderful option. If you’ve jailbroken device, you can surely go for appcak cydia tweak

  9. I hate iPhoneCake.COM, they have stepped down with iPAStore. I used iPAStore a long time and suddenly then have removed the support. AppCake would be shut down once they would bring new jailbreak tweak.
    Simply, use vshare or appaddict. They have better support and app database.

  10. I installed appcake iOS 10.2 using taig jailbreak

    1. how? I tried taig jailbreak; but it seems not to bee jailbroken. Taig asks for money to get cydia

      1. Are you sure, download Taig for free from

  11. I tried several ways to install cracked apps and games and I can say that iphonecake has developed AppCake which is really great and one of the best installOus alternatives for iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch

    1. iPhoneCake has created two apps in the first place. First was iPAStore and second was AppCake. Both are equally good but appsync supports AppCake better than iPAStore

      1. iPastore force me to think about InstallOus. It was true Install0us alternative. I don’t know why iphonecake has stopped that project. It was one of the finest jailbreak app. I didn’t try appcake+ yet.
        Can somebody provide me screenshot?

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