Kuaiyong iOS 11.1.2: The Best Alternative for InstallOus Jailbreak App Store

Kuaiyong iOS 11.1.2: The Best Alternative for InstallOus Jailbreak App Store

Are you a newbie in jailbreak community and for Apple App store? Do you know there are thousands upon thousands and even more paid and free apps available on Apple App store.

You can install free apps instantly by opening an account and create your own Apple ID, but what would you do when you wanna install paid apps without actually paying for them.

Kuaiyong Alternatives: vShare, AppCake, AppAddict, iPA Installer, AppTrackr, InstallOus, AppulOus, HipStore, Zeusmos, 25PP English, iFunBox, AppShape, LinkStore.

There are thousands of users or even more jailbreak users are available in the world who believes that Apple should provide demo for paid apps and games before purchase. Without testing a game or app, nobody wanna pay.

Kuaiyong is the jailbreak app that offers such opportunity using Cydia installer. Today, we’re gonna talk something about Kuaiyong English app which is actually a large app store for cracked apps and games.

After jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, user can install Kuaiyong iOS 11.1.2 on his iDevice. Kuaiyong is available for Mac OS X, Windows computer and of course for iPad and iPhone that contains large database of cracked apps and games.

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Kuaiyong allows Cydia users to install all these cracked apps for free with the help of AppSync Unified Cydia tweak. AppSync Unified is Cydia tweak that allows jailbreak user to install unsigned apps, you can say cracked or unpacked iPA.

Note: If your iDevice don’t have AppSync iOS 11.1.2 , you wouldn’t able to use Kuaiyong, because Kuaiyong only offers cracked apps and AppSync allows iDevice to install those apps.

Below are the repo sources from where you can download Kuaiyong and install AppSync too.

Download Kuaiyong Repo

Download AppSync Repo

In the middle of the article, we’ve added couple of alternatives to Kuaiyong in which AppCake, vShare which is developed by AppVV and AppAddict are few of them which are really offers great paid apps for free.

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Try 5 Best Cydia Apps to Download Cracked Jailbreak Apps on iOS 11.1.2

If you’ve jailbreak and Cydia tweaks but won’t able to install them, we’re came back with top 5 best Cydia apps that would work on your iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch even without jailbreak.

These jailbreak apps work on jailbreak device and the same time it partially work on the device that’s not jailbreakable. So, this is the good chance for you to try something new to get all your favorite apps on the device which is actually not jailbroken.

Are you still missing Install0us? Install0us was only limited to jailbroken device whereas these iPhone apps such as Share, Kuaiyong, AppAddict, MovieBox and GBA4iOS are available for both jailbroken and without jailbreak. You just need working internet connection and know the steps to install them without jailbreak.

Suppose, you’ve jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you can install any cracked apps or iPA files that you want. Lets check how these Cydia apps work and which things make them best Cydia apps…

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GBA4iOS: Do you have ever played GBA games on iPhone using game emulators? GBA4iOS is also a game emulator that works using couple of tricks. Before iOS 11.1.2, it was working only on jailbroken device, but now it works on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak using iOS 11.1.2.

MovieBox: This is entertaining application that works only on jailbroken device, but its also available for the iPhone without jailbreak, if you’re on iOS 11.1.2 or iOS 11.1.2. You can easily install MovieBox using vShare on iOS 11.1.2 for free.

AppAddict: This is the best available option for jailbroken device, if you can’t install Install0us or vShare. Reportedly, AppAddict works on iPhone without jailbreak. So, you don’t need to jailbreak your firmware to install apps that you love most.

vShare: Do you’ve ever used vShare on jailbroken iPhone or iPad? The same app is available for iPhone without jailbreak your firmware. This is really possible now with iOS 11.1.2. The newest firmware allows user to install couple of jailbreak apps such as vShare without jailbreak. Do hurry and download vShare iPhone app and install it on your iPhone before iOS 11.1.2. Because iOS 11.1.2 would prevent all these installation without jailbreak.

AppCake: This iPhone app works only on jailbroken iPhone and all current jailbreakable devices. So, try AppCake only if you’ve jailbroken your iPhone or iPad. Its available on iPhoneCake Cydia repo.

Note: You’d need AppSync to install any of these apps on jailbroken iPhone or iPad, but trying without jailbreak won’t ask you to install AppSync Unified app.

You can comment and ask for help if you need any…

Download PlayBox iOS 11.1.2: MovieBox 11.1.2 Alternative Without Jailbreak Using vShare or AppAddict

Download PlayBox iOS 11.1.2: MovieBox 11.1.2 Alternative Without Jailbreak Using vShare or AppAddict

Just a week ago, we had published a way of installing MovieBox iOS 11.1.2 without jailbreak using vShare or other iPA installer but without jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

Suppose, you’re not able to install Movie Box iOS 11.1.2 without jailbreak, there is another similar app called PlayBox which offers similar features and the best alternative to MovieBox 11.1.2.

You can Download PlayBox iOS 11.1.2, if you haven’t jailbroken device or Moviebox gives errors. There are some simple tricks to install PayBox without any issue. Play Box iOS 11.1.2 works on all iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch.

How to Install PlayBox Without Jailbreak

There are two ways, you can install PlayBox app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Both methods have been explained blow…

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1. You can use vShare or AppAddict: Both the iPA installer work on jailbreak and without jailbreak. The difference is, jailbreak iPA installer can install jailbreak hacks too, whereas without jailbreak, it can’t install paid apps for free. So, go to and install their installer (Non jailbreak). After installing vShare, search PlayBox and install app.

2. You can use PlayBox HD website: The app developers have launched their own website from where you can download Play Box and install without jailbreak. Open Safari browser and head to There you would asked to install PlayBox installer, install it. Done.

Suppose, you get any error or issue, you can comment to get working fix…

Top 5 Best InstallOus Alternatives to Download Cracked Apps – Hackul0us Repo Source

Top 5 Best InstallOus Alternatives to Download Cracked Apps – Hackul0us Repo Source

Just couple of days ago, we’d reviewed SinFul iPhone repo which is the close alternative to Hackulous repo. InSanelyi repo source is also considerable repository for Hackul0us alternative. Today, we’re gonna list up the best InstallOus alternatives.

Still there are couple of Install0us alternatives which offers some great cracked apps or game hacks. But, before proceeding to those alternatives, make sure that your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken. Without jailbroken device, you can’t add any repository or install any iPA files on your iOS device.

AppAddict: This is one of the strong alternative to InstallOus. We’ve tested this repo using LinkStore Cydia tweak that search cracked apps from iPhoneCake, AppAddict and AppVV repo source. The large numbers of apps coming from AppAddict repo source. AppAddict iOS 11.1.2 is available on the Cydia store.

AppCake: This is second most used jailbreak app as alternative to InstallOus. LinkStore and AppShape give reference for AppCake and AppAddict apps. So, if you’re looking cracked apps or InstallOus alternatives, you should go for iPhoneCake which is the repo source for AppCake. Add iPhoneCake repo and download AppCake jailbreak app.

HipStore: Do you’ve use InstallOus app store? HipStore app store is just a clone of that. After jailbreaking, you can download HipStore English version app from Cydia store which is available completely free.

vShare: AppVV’s app, vShare is one of the best Install0us alternative for all iDevices. Just jailbreak your iPhone or iPad and add AppVV repo source to your Cydia and search for vShare. There is an alternative way available. Head to Safari browser and go to, the website asked you to install vShare app. Install it.

Suppose, you don’t have jailbroken device, you can install MovieBox type apps using vShare without jailbreak. So, vShare is the alternative of InstallOus which works even without jailbreak.

25PP: The Chinese developer team has created 25PP app store. This is the same developer who have created PP Jailbreak for Mac OS X. They had created another popular app which is known as PPSync. You can download and install countless apps from 25PP iPhone app.

Other alternatives: Kuaiyong, Zeusmos, iPA Installer, iPA Search Console, iFunBox, iTools, SynciOS and Moborobo.

PandaApp Apps Alternative to InstallOus: Allows Cracked Apps to Install on iPhone, iPad

Download PandaApp Apps Alternative to InstallOus: Allows Cracked Apps to Install on iPhone, iPad

If you’ve ever downloaded and installed InstallOus apps, you’re already aware of such wonderful apps. After jailbreaking, the first step of every jailbreaker was installing InstallOus or AppulOus. Both the products were made by HackulOus.

The days are gone and HackulOus is not shut down. They have took down after various notices, but they’d given the reason of hosting issues for take down. But, there are plenty of different jailbreak apps still available which can be seriously consider as alternatives to Install0us.

PandaApp is one of those alternatives. PandaApp Downloader is a iPA Installer which allows user to install limitless cracked apps and jailbreak hacks. PandaApp iOS 11.1.2 hasn’t any restrictions for installing apps on iPhone, iPad Mini or iPad Air.

How to Install Panda Apps using PandaApp Downloader

There are mainly two ways to download Panda Apps. With a jailbroken iPhone or iPad and without jailbreak.

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1. Without Jailbreak: Suppose, you’ve an iPhone or iPad and its not jailbroken, they you should choose this method. In this case, you won’t be able to install cracked apps or unsigned iPA files. Free apps are always signed, so it doesn’t require AppSync Cydia tweak. This how, it installs without jailbreak.

2. Suppose, you’ve jailbroken iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone, you’re the one who can fully leverage PandaApp iOS 11.1.2 without any issue. This would allow you installing cracked apps, but it would require you to install AppSync iOS 11.1.2 on your device to install cracked apps using PandaApp.

PandaApp Alternatives: There are several jailbreak apps which can be installed instead of it. Unlike PandaApp APK, on iOS device, you’ve options of installing vShare, Kuaiyong and 25PP which are similar apps. AppAddict can also install free apps without jailbreak and using appsync, it also installs cracked apps.

If you’re using PandaApp iOS 11.1.2, share your thoughts…

5 Top Cydia Sources and Repositories for Cracked Apps for iOS 11.1.2

5 Top Cydia Sources and Repositories for Cracked Apps for iOS 11.1.2

If you’ve jailbroken iPhone, iPad Mini or iPad Air, you would aware of Cydia Sources. These bunch of repositories address are also known as Cydia repos. These directories of various developers keep our jailbreak device up to date with numerous great tweaks, jailbreak apps and themes.

There are different different kind of sources available on Cydia, how you would choose your favorite Cydia repo or the repo which can give the best out of best tweaks, themes and apps. Suppose, you wanna free apps what we say? Cracked apps. You would need to add Cydia sources which specially update those kinds of apps or games.

So, the choice or the correct repository address is first and most important thing. If you’ve jailbroken iPad or iPhone and wanna such cracked or paid apps for free, we’ve picked up 5 Cydia Sources that can update you whatever you wanna download.

1. AppAddict repo: I would say, this is just a perfect clone of Apple website. The newer user would just think that this Apple’s website, but its AppAddict. They have their own Cydia source where they update cracked apps, tweaks and game hacks. While on the website, they have different different categories of apps. We’ve seen some great cracked apps on AppAddict repo source.

2. iSpazio Repository: Do you need completely cracked apps and specially the Cydia source that offer you game hacks? iSpazio repo source does actually what you need. Suppose, you don’t wanna add iSpazio source of repository, you can head to their online website and download iPA files and install them using iFunBox iOS 11.1.2, or iTools. Both the tools are well known and stable. You can use iFile to install those iPA files suppose you don’t have iFunBox or iTools.

3. xSellize Repo Source: xSellize is completely dedicated to cracked apps and game hacks. I’ve seen Clash of Clan, Candy Crush and such game hacks on their repo source. But, never tried such game hacks, because I prefer to install purchased in-app purchases rather than cracked one.

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4. InSanelyi Source: Sorry for adding such outdated repository address here, but it was also one of the best Cydia Source at a time for cracked apps. At the time of HackulOus and InstallOus, Insanelyi repo was one of the most famous Cydia repository for cracked apps. Don’t know, but somehow it got out dated since couple of years.

5. iPhoneCake & AppVV: If you’re on iOS 11.1.2 or latest jailbreak device, iPhoneCake repo source is one of the best Cydia sources for your need. The developer has created wonderful iPhone app known as AppCake iOS 11.1.2. Which is one of the best Cydia app store for cracked apps.

AppVV repo is also well known repository which has vShare iOS 11.1.2. AppVV repo source has great number of active users who have added AppVV repository to their Cydia app store.

If you’ve any other Cydia source different than these, share with us…

Download AppAddict iOS 11.1.2: The Best iPA Installer for Cracked Apps – Jailbreak Tweak

Download AppAddict iOS 11.1.2: The Best iPA Installer for Cracked Apps.

Its the best Cydia repo source that contains large number of apps, game hacks for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch…

After jailbreaking, the first step for most of the Cydia user is installing AppAddict repo or their app client for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch to install cracked apps using AppAddict iPA installer.

Like the most generally step is getting AppSync Cydia tweak first to make AppAddict working on any jailbroken iPhone or iPad. But, ultimately, you must have jailbroken iDevice to do these things.

So, I hope you’ve jailbroken iDevice to have app addict Cydia tweak. The first thing is getting repository. So, add below repo source and then download AppAddict jailbreak app.

If you’ve added above repository, search AppAddict app and install it. If you still stuck on adding repo, then Open Cydia and tap on Sources. This is the section where you can add repo for any kind of app or tweak.

After adding AppAddict repo, look for AppSync and AppAddict in the same repository. To do so, head to the repo and tap on Packages. You would easily find out AppAddict iOS 11.1.2 with the most current update.

Most likely all the apps, AppAddict would also take couple of days or weeks to release their update for iOS 11.1.2 after jailbreak. Suppose, AppAddict is not working, then look for AppSync Unified version. Most of the time because of this app, AppAddict doesn’t work.

Our comments are always open, look for any help related to AppAddict cracked apps…

The 3 Best Cydia Tweaks That Allows User to Install Cracked Apps on iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone and iPod Touch

The 3 Best Cydia Tweaks That Allows User to Install Cracked Apps on iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone and iPod Touch

Now, we’ve AppCake, vShare, AppAddict and couple of Cydia tweaks that allows user to install cracked apps without jailbreak and with jailbreak on iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

There are two parts of the side, where Cydia tweaks can be used to install cracked apps only after jailbreak and there are couple of apps available that allows user to install iPA without jailbreak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Kuaiyong, HipStore and iFunBox developers claim that their apps can install various iPA files without jailbreak on iPad or iPhone. However, its really a matter of question that these iPA installer can install iPA which are cracked or not. Most of the jailbreak users love cracked apps.

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Whereas, Cydia tweaks known as AppCake, vShare and AppAddict are extremely useful installing cracked apps, but they need AppSync app. The latest version is AppSync Unified iOS 11.1.2 which can be used to install cracked apps after jailbreak iOS 11.1.2.

So, we’ve seen both of the aspect where users are trying different ways to install cracked apps. Its our duty to inform you that any kind of cracked apps are known as piracy and it can be harmful for your iPhone or iPad.

Anyways, the one thing that we can say that without jailbreaking or AppSync none of the tweaks can install cracked apps on iPhone or iPad. Because, AppSync allows user to install unsigned apps. I’ve linked up all of these apps category wise, take a look.

Apps that can be installed without jailbreak…

Apps that can be installed only after jailbreak…

Top 6 Best Cydia Sources/Repos for iOS 11.1.2 in 2016

Top 6 Best Cydia Sources/Repos for iOS 11.1.2 in 2016

Apple has already unveiled iOS 11.1.2 beta and testing couple of other new firmware projects such as iOS 11.1.2, iOS 11.1.2 and iOS 11.1.2. We have noticed these firmware traffic in our analytic log.

TaiG team, a popular jailbreak tool developer team, has released iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak untethered just now and more and more users are approaching jailbreak.

iOS 11.1.2 Cydia installer comes with couple of best Cydia Repos for iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak. We have picked up couple of other repositories in the list to balance it with free and paid tweaks and jailbreak apps.

So, we’re gonna listing some of the top Cydia Sources below…

BigBoss Repository: You can say BigBoss repo is the heart of Cydia sources. It hosts every second Cydia tweak on their repo source. It is full of paid and free tweaks. One of the best repositories of 2015. It comes with installer, so, you won’t need to add it manually until you remove it.

ModMyi Repo: It hosts every 3rd tweak over all. Must have Cydia repository after BigBoss repo. ModMyi repo source also comes with Cydia installer when you jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

HackYouriPhone Repo: I found many useful paid jailbreak apps here for free. If you wanna test any popular tweak before making purchase, you can add HackYouriPhone repo and try your luck. It contains large number of paid tweaks. Almost all cydia tweaks that hosted on HackYouriPhone Repo are best one.

BiteYourApple Repository: This is my favorite repo source for cracked apps. Do you need cracked apps or tweak? BiteYourApple is the best among all repo sources in jailbreak store. Its not default repo, so you need to add it manually like HYI repo.

iPhoneCake.COM: Do you have heard about InstallOus or HackulOus? Yeah, Install0us and Hackulous has been shut down and iPhoneCake is the best alternative repository for HackulOus. iPhoneCake has developed AppCake and iPAStore which is quite popular among jailbreakers.

AppAddict Repo: An other great source of cracked apps. The user needs to add AppAddict repo manually. If you’re searching any cracked apps, most probably, you would find it on AppAddict repo. It is one of the best Cydia Repos for iOS 11.1.2

Note: We are discussing about iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak Sources released by TaiG team.

Quick Tip

BigBoss Repo and ModMyi Repository are default sources while HYI, BYI, iPhoneCake and AppAddict are the repositories which need to add manually.

iTongPush English: TongBu Alternatives Are Available in English Language for iOS 11.1.2

iTongPush English: TongBu Alternatives Are Available in English Language for iOS 11.1.2

iTongPush is developed by TongBu team. Unlike 25PP and Kuaiyong, iTongPush is available in English language version and it can be installed using TongBu.

You can install iTongPush three ways…

  1. Using iTunes, search iTongPush.iPA
  2. Using TongBu (Available in English Version)
  3. iFunBox, you can install iTongPush iPhone app using iFunBox too.

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Many users have reported that iTongPush and TongBu iPhone apps can be installed without jailbreak and work without help of Cydia. You can install iPA files without jailbreak on your iPod Touch, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone.

It doesn’t require AppSync until you don’t try to install unsigned iPA. If you’re searching and installing apps, games or any iPA files that have been published on iTunes or Apple app Store or it is signed.

So, if you’re planning to install cracked iPA files, you still need jailbreak, cydia and AppSync. Simply, avoid installing unsigned apps using iTongPush or using TongBu app. You don’t need jailbreak.

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