AirBlue Sharing iOS 10.2: Now Send Any File to Any SmartPhone or iDevice via Bluetooth

AirBlue Sharing iOS 10.2: Now Send Any File to Any SmartPhone or iDevice via Bluetooth

If you have iDevice such as iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can’t transfer any file using Bluetooth to Android or Samsung device. You are just allowed to transfer iPhone data to iPad or iPod Touch. That’s it.

AirBlue Sharing was listed on Apple app store which was able to installed without jailbreak, however, Apple has recently disapproved AirBlueSharing Cydia tweak and it introduced to jailbreak store.

AirBlue Sharing iPhone app is a Cydia tweak that allows Apple users to transfer any file type of iPhone or iPad to any device whether it is Samsung Galaxy S or any other Android device.

Now, AirBlue Sharing iOS 10.2 is available on Cydia that would cost you $4.99 which is quite expensive, but if you’ve Android and iDevice, its the best tweak to transfer iPhone files to Android.

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Take a look at features…

  • It doesn’t require any settings, so, there is zero configuration
  • Once you paired any device, you don’t need to pair those devices again even in native Bluetooth app.
  • User can send or receive files at 1.7 MB speed over Bluetooth.
  • Once you finished transfer your files, AirBlue Sharing would shut down your Bluetooth app.
  • AirBlue Sharing uses Wi-Fi to transfer files from iPhone to Android or other devices.
  • User can transfer notes, contacts, photos, videos or any kind of files.
  • By default file receiving is disable which can be enabled via tapping twice on status bar.

With a bunch of features, AirBlue Sharing Cydia tweak wouldn’t cost you more at these features. However, if you still think that this price is too high, then comment below, and we would tell you how to get AirBlue Sharing iPhone app for free.


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  2. AirBlue Sharing iOS 42.5 : now send any file to any smartphone or idevice via bluetooth.

  3. Caused boot loop on iOS 9.3.3. After uninstalling phone booted properly again.

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  4. Bricked the not install on iOS 10.2

  5. caused my iphone bootloop

  6. NOT WORKING ON IOS 10.2 !

  7. it doesn`t work on ios 10.2 ????????????? 🙁

    1. It does not. It has bricked my jailbreak :/

    2. beppi 4  1ist die &#tA80;2l2e” aus Bayreuth? Hatte mal eine Freundin die hat auch immer so gelangweilt aus dem Fenster geguckt – und die war aus Bayreuth!

  8. kindly send me source of airblue sharing for ios 9.1

  9. Michael Bemelmans

    Airblue Sharing is great Cydia tweak to send music and pictures from iPhone to computer, iPhone to Pen drive directly using pen drive hub or iPhone to Android TV or any device. I have just testing this tweak on my iPhone to send some movies and music songs from iPhone to Android TV and it’s so great that it sends files within minutes.
    thanks to Airblue sharing cydia tweak developers.

  10. Is this tweak still working?

  11. cant send picture or music. but u can receive pictures on ios 10.2. how to solve this problem??????????

    1. Mikica – ÄŒula sam da Žarko Petrović i Dragan Å trbac osnivaju novu stranku zajedno sa SaÅ¡om MivÄorikem i pozivaju članove SNS-a da im se priključe. Kad vrh stranke sazna za ovo, ako već nije, ne bih ti bila u koži.

  12. You can’t send music on ios 10.2.

    1. me too
      can’t send music
      whats method ?

  13. I just purchased new iPhone 6 Plus and have a bunch of contacts on older iPhone 4S. I want to transfer these contacts on newer iPhone using AirBlue Sharing. But these contacts are too many and it would take a lot of time.

    1. Download app called mc backup on old and new device, send vcf file of your contacts to email open vcf file in the new phone to take all contacts 😎

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