10 Jailbreak Tweaks, You Should Look For

Cydia Tweaks that you should install on iOS 11.1.2 jailbroken iPhone or iPad…

You’re already aware that Yalu iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak is out and all compatible iPhone and iPad devices can install it. After jailbreaking, you may want to hands on tweaks and for that you may need advice for the best out of best these days.

I don’t know that your iPhone is compatible for Luca’s jailbreak or not, but even if you can’t install these tweaks, I’d recommend to make a note of these jailbreak tweaks for later use and I’m sure that you’d love these when you’d try on your iPhone or iPad.

Older Cydia apps have major incompatibility issues, so it’s better that you try new applications and hacks out there on jb App Store for trying something new and net worthy.


Noctis Cydia tweak was seen at the time of iOS 9 days when the developers have released Noctis9 first time for iPhone and iPad to make many system items darken. After installing Noctis, your control center, system notifications, Notification Center, Message app and many other items would convert into dark mode.

However, Noctis isn’t any night theme that can be used system wide such as Eclipse or NightMode tweaks. So, before thinking to install Noctis9 or the newer version of Noctis, I’d suggest to search little more on YouTube where you’d get brief idea about the functions and features that this tweak provides.


If you’re like me who don’t like two separate pages of control center and wanna one and only Control Center that you were using on older version of iOS, then you should look HorseShoe Cydia tweak.

I’m sure you’d love this tweak as HorseShoe joints two different control center pages into one. You’d have media controls on the front page of control center. HorseShoe is completely free Cydia tweak which can be installed from HYI or BYA repo source. You can look HorseShoe on BigBoss repo too.


One of my favourite Cydia tweak is CCRecord. I’m really very surprised that there is really very less information about CCRecord Cydia tweak on the web.

CCRecord adds FaceTime like video recording icon at your Control Center and once you tap on that icon, the screen recording would start until you tap on it again from Control Center.

I love this tweak as, we don’t need to open any recording application to start video recording. Please remember that it’s not video recording, but it captures video from your screen. It means you can capture video for live screen activity just like Display Recorder of Ryan Petrich tweak.

I’d recommend to hand on CCRecord for once if you love to capture your screen video.


I’ve mentioned about Noctis that converts couple of system notification and items into dark mode. Now look at Eclipse Cydia tweak that convert whole system into dark mode. Yeah, Eclipse brings true night theme on your iPhone after jailbreaking and installing it.

You can purchase brand new Eclipse iOS 11.1.2 tweak from BigBoss repo or if you’ve installed it earlier, you can just upgrade it for free. Yeah, for upgrade Eclipse Free version is available. There isn’t any need to install WinterBoard iOS 11.1.2 in order to try Eclipse.


You’re already aware of Springtomize, but you’re not aware that the developers of this tweak are gonna bring brand new changes dedicated to iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak. Yeah, its not available for iOS 11.1.2 right now and you may want to try older version on your iPhone right now.

If you’re not aware of Springtomize, you can try it once as this tweak brings all the feature that almost tens of jailbreak tweaks provide. So instead of installing ten tweaks, try this Cydia app.


CCLowPower tweak is really tiny tweak out there for your control center. It adds Low Power Mode icon at your Control Center toggle area so that with one tap you can enable low power mode any time and disable that mode any time by tapping it again to turn it off.

CCLowPower is completely free and available on BigBoss repo. You can anytime head to the search section and install it for free.

Cream 2

Cream Cydia tweak is really very interesting jailbreak hack that would colour your Control center and whole icons and items available on Control Center. The settings menu of Cream 2 would allow you to choose which colour would applied.

Cream 2 free version is available on BigBoss which can be installed directly from App Store for free. You’d be able to change colour of Control Center any time. For demo, you can watch YouTube video.


Cream 2 was able to colorise Control Center toggles while Creamless would cut of those colourful toggles and bring only colour full Control Center.

Suppose, you just want to colour control center and not items and toggles, then you can try CreamLess Cydia tweak. I’d recommend Cream 2 as it looks more beautiful than CreamLess.


Barrel iOS 11.1.2. This is one of the best Cydia tweaks. I install this jailbreak tweak every time after jailbreaking my iPhone. It changes the look of your page scrolling effects. You’d never unhappy after installing Barrel Cydia tweak.

However, if you don’t wanna spend some money on it, you can look for Cylinder that is completely free comparing to paid Barrel Cydia app. Both, Cylinder and Barrel are available BigBoss repo.


One more top downloaded jailbreak tweak for your iPhone after jailbreaking iOS 11.1.2. I’d suggest to hands on new version of CallBar iOS 11.1.2 tweak.

I’ve published a separate article on CallBar Cydia tweak that provide in detailed information how to use it. Once you installed CallBar you never have to exit from any application at the time of incoming calls.

Simply, CallBar iOS 11.1.2 is great.


ForceInPicture truly brings multitasking feature for your iPhone and Apple should seriously think about these type of features on their iOS platform. ForceInPicture Cydia tweak adds a box that contains picture or video of your choice. This is how, you won’t need to exit while doing any particular task.

Most of the time, I’ve to add some details based on photo copy and that time I’ve to switch applications to see details from picture or video and thus at that time, ForceInPicture like tweaks may be very useful.

You should try ForceInPicture iOS 11.1.2 for once.


I won’t say, iFile iOS 11.1.2 is one of your favourite jailbreak tweaks. I’m sure it is. iFile is ultimate solution for your file management operations. After installing iFile, you can access whatever system file you want.

I’d iPod touch and I wanted to add battery iCon at the top of status bar. I had to edit a system file to add that battery percentage icon so I installed iFile and edited some host file to add battery percentage icon.

This is how for may operations, iFile becomes very handy tool to edit system files or view some hidden system files.


Using PowerDown, you’d have all your Power options at your single screen. As PowerDown iOS 11.1.2 is completely free, you can head to BigBoss where you’d have option to install this tweak.


It’s listed on last, but believe me it’s very useful Cydia tweak. I’d recommend to watch a demonstration on YouTube for TetherMe Cydia tweak. TetherMe iOS 11.1.2 is also available and once again, its also available on our BigBoss repo.

You can edit this article or add some more useful jailbreak tweaks by commenting below…

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  1. I think, these are best control center Cydia tweaks in my opinion. But, I’m surprised that you haven’t added any Lock Screen Cydia tweaks. There should be FingerTouch that becomes top iOS 11.1.2 tweak for Touch ID. Please add it with some other top apps for iPhone.

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